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We’re twobytwo, a video production company based in London.

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video - Scroll down for more content

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Professional video production in London from twobytwo video

twobyWHO? A video production company you can trust.

We're a London-based video production company producing and distributing video and photos to corporate & commercial clients, creative industries, editorial websites, publications, TV networks and anyone else who requires video and photographic content. Shooting with top of the range equipment, we offer a wide range of professional video production - from small web clips all the way up to short films. We love video production and shooting new and exciting content. We can take on commissions no matter how big or small and our talented, professional video production crew are easy to work with. Shooting with the next-generation of camera equipment, we can provide affordable, high quality high speed and ultra slow-motion video production in London, the UK and abroad. With an experienced video production crew for hire, we know exactly what it takes to produce the best quality high speed and ultra-slow motion video.

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video - Events

Events & Promo

One of our most popular sectors of video production is events. We offer the highest quality video production for all types of events from small parties to huge corporate dinners at some of London's hottest venues. Selling a new product, service or business? Video production is a great way to promote what you're offering, and with our reasonable video production rates in London it costs less that you may think to produce high production value. Read more...

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video - Promotional

Ultra slow-motion

High speed and ultra slow-motion video production produces stunning footage. With experience with some of the most advanced camera equipment available to us, our video production crew can maximise on high speed or ultra slow-motion filming shoot and capture the best for our clients. We shoot ultra-slow motion using the Phantom Miro and Flex, and with extensive pre-production we always ensure our high speed shoots run smoothly. Read more...

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video - Corporate Communications and training

Corporate comms

We've worked extensively in corporate communications and training industry, providing high quality training videos for the UK's biggest phone network, EE. We can help you use video production to gain the most from your staff. Using the latest camera equipment available in video production, we can cater to all sorts of corporate requirements, including interviews, piece-to-camera segments and live relay. Read more...

Our aim is to provide the highest possible video production in London for the most reasonable price without compromising quality. Video production is the next big thing, make sure you don't miss out!

Find out more about our work and about how you can hire our video production crew for shoots in or near London.

We love to blog. Behind the scenes on our shoots.

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video

Ultra-slow motion video for AEG Power Tools


twobytwo was commissioned by leading power tools manufacturer, AEG Power Tools, to shoot and produce several different types of video for their latest brand of 18v power tools. Using our skills in video production, we shot a series of 360 degree product demos for AEG using a dolly & track, as well as some stunning ultra slow-motion video using the Phantom Miro LS302C. This ultra slow-mo...

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video

Five reasons you should hire an event photographer...


So, the festive season is nearly here, but why should you hire a photographer or event video production crew to cover your event? It can often be expensive, but should you spend the extra money? Here's five reasons why you should: One - It's the almost the only thing that lasts You've spent thousands (or tens of thousands) of pounds hiring a top London venue, sourcin...

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video

Shooting for the UK's biggest Go-Kart manufacturer


In possibly our biggest and most logistically challenging shoot to date, we set-up and shot several 360 degree product demos of Go-Karts for our client, Biz Karts. Biz Karts are the UK's biggest manufacturer of Go-Karts. The design and sell karts, from concept to track, to customers all over the world. If you've taken a spin on a Go-Kart in the UK, chances are Biz Karts designed and bui...

Professional video production in London from twobytwo video

Filming for luxury jewllery brand Boucheron


Shooting for luxury brands like Boucheron and Bulgari is always somewhat of a challenge. Every shot needs to be beautiful and sharp, the brand is luxury and the video needs to be too. Every year Boucheron holds a Wonder Walk. The brand invites its top customers to walk the streets near the Bond Street store, where several art installations are set up. Each instillation relates to a piec...